13th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference (ENFC)
18-21 August 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden at the München Bryggeriet.

This European based biennial congress brings together scientists focused on biological N2-fixation (BNF) from diverse research topics of biochemistry, microbiology, computational genomics, plant physiology, and more recently genetic engineering and aquatic microbiology.

The first ENFC was held in Szeged, Hungary, in 1994, with an emphasis on participation by young researchers.  The most recent ENFC in 2016 was a clear demonstration of ‘research without borders’ as 294 participants, 30% of which came from outside of the European Union (EU), including 8% from developing countries, attended the 12th ENFC in Budapest, Hungary. A large percent (29%) of the participants were PhD students. The value of the ENFC series has been proven over the years. Although a smaller congress by today’s standards, it has drawn the participation and presentation by leading experts of BNF. The program combines classical topics within the BNF field (e.g. biochemistry, evolution, signal transduction, N2-fixing symbioses) with highly relevant and timely topics for modern society (e.g. climate change, present and future use of BNF in agriculture).

Satellite meetings and an aquatic N2-fixation symposia will provide extra benefits for ENFC participants. The end result of the ENFC is the attraction of a diverse group of participants. Furthermore, support enabling the participation of young researchers will be provided as per tradition.

The ENFC will provide unique opportunities and specialized sessions to share and discuss latest scientific achievements in BNF and the molecular interaction between plants and symbiotic microorganisms. Join us to meet the researchers who will present their hot research topics and key institutions. The venue of the congress is München Bryggeriet, located in Stockholm, Sweden. So in addition to the scientific program and the collaborative discussions, the participants will experience a stimulating social program in the capital of Sweden.

Organizing committee:
Katharina Pawlowski (Chair of the Organizing Committee), Rachel Foster, Stefan Nordlund, Agneta Norén, Ulla Rasmussen.

A Fake International Conference on Nitrogen Fixation
Please ignore all adverts to this conference - “International Conference on Nitrogen Fixation (”. There are no experts in the field involved in its organisation and it appears to be a money-making scam!

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