Peer-reviewed articles and PhD theses

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Isolation, characterization and selection of indigenous Bradyrhizobium strains with outstanding symbiotic performance to increase soybean yields in Mozambique Chibeba, A.M., Kyei-Boahen, S., de Fátima Guimarãesa, M., Nogueira, M.A., Hungria, M. Elsevier: Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment Vol. 246, pp. 291–305 2017 PDF icon Chibeba 2017 Ag Eco and Env_Isolation.pdf
Feasibility of transference of inoculation-related technologies: A case study of evaluation of soybean rhizobial strains under the agro-climatic conditions of Brazil and Mozambique Chibeba, A.M., Kyei-Boahen, S., de Fátima Guimarãesa, M., Nogueira, M.A., Hungria, M. Elsevier: Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. In Press 2017 PDF icon Chibeba 2017 Ag Eco and Env_Feasibility.pdf
Maize-grain legume intercropping for enhanced resource use efficiency and crop productivity in the Guinea savanna of northern Ghana. Kermah, M., Franke, A.C., Adjei-Nsiah, S., Ahiabor, B.D.K., Abaidoo, R.C., Giller, K.E. Elsevier: Field Crops Research 2017 PDF icon Kermah et al 2017 Field Crop Res_Maize-grain legume.pdf
Characterization of nitrogen-fixing bacteria from Phaseolus vulgaris L. in Kenya Mwenda, G. Murdoch University 2017 PDF icon Mwenda PhD Thesis 2017.pdf
Effectiveness of rhizobia strains isolated from South Kivu soils (Eastern D.R. Congo) on nodulation and growth of soybeans (Glycine max) Ndusha, B.N., Karanja, N.K., Woomer, P.L., Walangululu, J., Mushagalusa, G.N. and Sanginga, J.M. Int Scholars journals: African Journal of Soil Science 2017 PDF icon Ndusha et al 2017 Afr J Soil Sci Effectiveness.pdf
Sustainable intensification through rotations with grain legumes in Sub- Saharan Africa: A review Franke, A.C., Van den Brand, G. K., Vanlauwe, B., Giller, K. E. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 2017 PDF icon Franke 2017 AgrEcosystEnviron.pdf
Soyabean response to rhizobium inoculation across sub-Saharan Africa: Patterns of variation and the role of promiscuity Heerwaarden, J. van, Baijukya, F., Kyei-Boahen, S., Adjei-Nsiah, S., Ebanyat, P., Kamai, N., Wolde-Meskel, E., Kanampiu, F., Vanlauwe, B., Giller, K. E. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 2017 PDF icon Heerwaarden, J. van, et al., 2017. Soyabean response to rhizobium inoculation.pdf
Understanding variability in the benefits of N2-fixation in soybean-maize rotations on smallholder farmers’ fields in Malawi Vugt, D. van, Franke, A. C., Giller, K. E. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 2017 PDF icon Vugt, D. van, et al., 2017. N2 Fixation in soya maize rotations.pdf
Grain legume cultivation and children’s dietary diversity in smallholder farming households in rural Ghana and Kenya Jager, I de, Abizari, A.R., Douma, J.C., Giller, K.E., Brouwer, I.D. Springer, Food Sceurity 2017 PDF icon De Jager et al Food Sec 2017 Grain legume.pdf
Citizen science and remote sensing for crop yield gap analysis Eskender Andualem Beza Wageningen University 2017 PDF icon Beza_PhD_thesis 28Aug2017.pdf
Understanding variability in soybean yield and response to P-fertilizer and rhizobium inoculants on farmers' fields in northern Nigeria Ronner E., Franke, A.C., Vanlauwe, B., Dianda, M., Edeh, E., Ukem, B., van Heerwaarden, J., Giller, K.E. Elsevier: Field Crops Research 2016 PDF icon Ronner, E. et al. Understanding variability in soybean yield.pdf
Characterization of small-scale farming systems in West Kenya and opportunities for their improvement Woomer, P.L., Savala, C.N., Kaleha, C. and Chamwada, M. Universal Journal of Agricultural Research 2016 PDF icon Woomer et al. UJAR.pdf
Characterization of rhizobia isolated from soybean in Mozambique and strategies to maximize the contribution of biological nitrogen fixation Amaral Machaculeha Chibeba Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Londrina, Brazil 2016 PDF icon Chibeba_PhD_Thesis_12Sep2016.pdf
Competitiveness of smallholder legume production in South Kivu region, Democratic Republic of Congo Fidèle B. B., Eric K. B., Njehia B. K., de Wolf J. and Karani-Gichimu C. Academic Journals: African Journal of Agricultural Research 2015 PDF icon article1435056941_Fidèle et al.pdf
Nutrients Limiting Soybean (glycine max l) Growth in Acrisols and Ferralsols of Western Kenya Keino, L., Baijukya, F., Ng'etich, W., Otinga, A. N., Okalebo, J. R., Njoroge, R., Mulalama, J. PLOS one 2015 PDF icon Keino et al. Nutrieet limiting Soybean- pone.0145202.pdf
Impact Assessment of Improved Cowpea Varieties on Women Farmers in Southern Borno State, Nigeria Binta Ali Zongoma University of Maiduguri, Nigeria 2015 PDF icon Zongoma D Phil Thesis.pdf
Shelf-life of legume inoculants in different carrier materials available in East Africa Balume, I.K., Keya, O., Karanja, N.K. and Woomer, P.L. African Crop Science Journal, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 379 - 385 2015 PDF icon SHELF-LIFE OF LEGUME INOCULANTS 2015 Balume.pdf
Co-Inoculation of Soybean with Bradyrhizobium and Azospirillum Promotes Early Nodulation Chibeba, A.M., de Fátima Guimarães, M., Brito, O.R., Nogueira, M.A., Araujo, R.S. and Hungria, M. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 6, 1641-1649 2015 PDF icon AJPS_2015063013320647.pdf
Adoption Domains for Legume Cultivation - Ethiopia Farrow, A. and E. Wolde-meskel eATLAS of African Agriculture Research & Development 2014
Smallholder farmers’ use and profitability of legume inoculants in western Kenya Mutuma, S.P., Okello, J.J. Karanja N.K. and Woomer, P. L. xxx 2014 PDF icon 107169-291977-1-PB Mutuma et al 2014.pdf
Which farmers benefit most from sustainable intensification? An ex-ante impact assessment of expanding grain legume production in Malawi Franke, A.C., van den Brand, G.J., Giller, K.E. Euro. J. Agron. Elsevier B.V., 58:28-38. 2014 PDF icon Franke 2014 Eur J Agron.pdf
Smallholder farmers’ use and profitability of legume inoculants in western Kenya S.P. Mutuma, J.J. Okello, N.K. Karanja and P.L. Woomer African Crop Science Journal, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 205 - 213 2014 Package icon Paper_and
Soybean rust: A major threat to soybean production in Tanzania Murithi, H. M., Beed, F., Madata C., Haudenshield, J., Hartman, G. xxx 2014 PDF icon PDIS-06-14-0601-PDN Murithi.pdf
Identifying elite rhizobia for soybean (Glycine max) in Kenya Waswa, M. N., Karanja N. K., Woomer, P. L.and Mwenda, G. M. xxx 2014 PDF icon Waswa et al 2014 Identifying.pdf
N2Africa. Putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers in Africa Giller, K.E., Franke, A.C., Abaidoo, R., Baijukya, F., Bala, A., Boahen, S., Dashiell, K., Kantengwa, S., Sanginga, J.M., Sanginga, N., Simmons, A., Turner, A.D., De Wolf, J., Woomer, P.L. and Vanlauwe, B. Book chapter: Vanlauwe, B., Van Asten, P., and Blomme, G. (Eds.), Agro-ecological intensification of agricultural systems in the African highlands. Routledge, London and New York, pp. 156-175. 2013 PDF icon N2Africa Ch12 in Agro-ecological intensification ofagricultural systems in the African highlands.pdf