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N2Africa Podcaster 4

Januar  2011

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This month we highlight some emerging results from East and Central Africa. It’s great to see some concrete outputs starting to show up which repay the enthusiasm and hard work put in by our partners and staff on the ground. We also introduce some of the new national staff who are working in various countries, and projects of students working within N2Africa. Read on!

Inoculation increases farmers’ soyabean yields in East and Central Africa

Working with farmers to evaluate the impact of inoculating soybean seeds with nitrogen fixing rhizobia was one of the first field tasks in East and Central Africa. Farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, and DR Congo observed exceptionally vigorous soybean plants with deep green leaf color and prolific nodulation on plants growing in some plots inoculated with rhizobia which translated into increases in yield.

Activities for N2Africa in the DRC from February 2010 until February 2011

A summary of activities and progress in the DR Congo 

Partners of N2Africa in Rwanda
A message about partners involved and activities in Rwanda
Trying to understand how farmers grow beans in Rwanda

Moritz Reckling shares some experiences of the first four months of his MSc research in Rwanda.

Picture: Farmer Mumyakabaya Joseph with Moritz Reckling, in front of his climbing bean field in Northern Rwanda.

N2Africa West Africa hub holds laboratory training in rhizobiology skills

The N2Africa West Africa Hub recently held a two-week training course on basic rhizobiology skills at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, Nigeria.

More staff have joined the N2Africa team in West Africa

A short introduction to new staff in Ghana and Nigeria

On the photo: New staff from N2Africa in Nigeria. From left to right: Fatima Hussein, Joseph Abikoye and Esther Chinedu.

N2Africa kicks-off planting season in Malawi

News item that was also was published in the IITA e-Bulletin


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