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March and April 2018

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Beans in Rwanda. Photo credit Ken Giller
Key achievements and learnings available in the N2Africa Annual Report 2017
Total number of farmers reached from 2014 to 2017


A lot happened in N2Africa in 2017. As the core countries continued dissemination of technologies and strengthening of public-private partnerships to ensure sustainable access to these technologies, the Tier 1 countries focused on exit strategies to sustain the achieved results as N2Africa ended in these countries. ...


Highlights of the Annual Report 2017

This article tells on Recommendations for best-fit technologies, Adaptation trials, Learning pathways and on the N2Africa impact design.

Beans in Rwanda. Photo credit Ken Giller
Scaling-up Improved Legume Technologies in Tanzania through the Legume Alliance
Salome Thomas from Orkonerei Radio Service (ORS) in Terrat Simanjiro Manyara on air. Photo credits  Simon Scott

During its Nov-2015-Feb-2018 implementation period, Scaling-up improved Legume Technologies in Tanzania (SILT) promoted improved soyabean and common bean technologies reaching 600,000 farming family members. 100,000 farmers started to use more than one promoted practice. This was achieved by developing a series of integrated campaigns targeting different family members with nuanced information. The results were achieved in the Northern and Southern Highlands of Tanzania through multi-media campaigns incorporating different combinations of leaflets, posters, comics, interactive radio, SMS messages and demonstration plots and farmers training sessions. ...

From targeting to tailoring: Baskets of options for legume cultivation among African smallholders
On the 4th of April I successfully defended my PhD thesis, entitled From targeting to tailoring: Baskets of options for legume cultivation among African smallholders, in the aula of Wageningen University. It was a day with interesting discussions and a great celebration afterwards.
Defence ceremony
N2Africa in the news

Article in the Ethiopian Herald: Over 50,000 smallholders benefit from inoculation technology.

Reports and other output uploaded on the N2Africa website 7
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